Claremont Area Chamber of Commerce

Mission:  To provide a framework of communication between business and rural communities by encouraging financial reinvestment, coordinating business activities, promoting commerce and fostering a sense of community pride.


Contact the Chamber: For more information about the Chamber and Chamber events please call us at 507-475-8272.

All correspondence should be mailed to Claremont Area Chamber of Commerce PO Box 236, Claremont MN 55924



Why should I be a member of the Chamber?

 This is a frequently asked question among prospective members of the community.The primary reason for joining the Chamber is concern for your community, caring about Claremont and the surrounding area. It's about creating an environment in which to do business in and a place to reside and live life and the pursuit of happiness. If you live, work or do business in the Claremont area then the economic vitality and the livability of the are a must be a concern to you, because if these decline, then business declines and property devalues. It is essential for the business community and property owners to be a part of the decision-making process by uniting behind common goals so that both business and community prosper. A common complaint is that  “I just don't have the time”and this is a valid point. Many Chamber members belong even though they know they will be unable to take an active part in the organization. They know their association with the Chamber and their financial participation is important because it helps fund programs and activities of importance to the community and businesses.  Please consider joining today and help make the Claremont area a great place to live, work and do business.  If you have any questions or to join, contact President Dean Schuette at 507-475-8272.